Professional Genealogical Research

We perform all traditional types of genealogical research, both online, and on the ground.  We will research your roots using online resources, and in libraries, archives, courthouses, etc.

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forensic Genealogy & legal research

Forensic genealogy is an analytical research method used to establish kinship for legal purposes.  Let us perform your living heir searches.


Genetic Genealogy & DNA Research

DNA research and genetic genealogy is an emerging field in genealogy.  Let us connect the dots between your DNA results and your family history.


Additional Services

We offer a range of traditional, and non-traditional services, including family tree data analysis, data scanning and organization, data retrieval and recovery, project management, and training and webinars.  You can rest assured that you are selecting your “one-stop shop” for all of your genealogical and family history needs.


Knowledge Management & Data Analytics

We have an extensive background in technology and databases and can take care of all of your technology-related needs, including the creation of a database, scanning documents and photos, and the organization of digital and paper files.

We staff a certified data analyst, who can carefully analyze your data to determine if there is missing or incorrect data anywhere within your research, and provide best practices to correct your data.

Project Management – Plan, do, check, act!

A certified project manager can consult with you to help you transform your project from start to finish, providing you with a detailed plan to achieve your genealogical goals on scope, time, and budget, through careful planning, estimating, project tracking, and more.

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Training & Webinars

We can provide training services on the use of popular genealogy software, including’s web-based interface, Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic, Family Historian, Reuinion, Gramps, etc.  We also hold monthly training webinars on popular genealogical concetps, ranging from the basics to the most advanced concepts in the field to date.

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